Friday, 14 June 2013

Extra tiles

Fixing Microsoft Surface Pro / Windows 8

So I picked up a surface pro a few days ago and I have been really enjoying using it. There are a few things that need fixing however. So I thought I would list a few fixes and tweaks.

1. Get more accurate pen target/ fix calibration. some clever guy found a way to increase the number of reference points to get better calibration

Original link

Clear your current calibration settings and paste this in the cmd

tabcal devicekind=pen lincal novalidate XGridPts=10,60,110,160,260,360,460,560,660,810,960,1110,1260,1360,1460,1560,1660,1760,1810,1860,1910 YGridPts=10,60,110,160,250,400,540,680,830,920,970,1020,1070
Calibrates with 273 points, you go through them quickly. Make sure you do this before installing the wacom driver. If you already have installed it. Uninstall, do this fix and then reinstall.

2. Fixing Pressure sensitivity. They finally released a driver so that pressure sensitivity works on photoshop zbrush etc. You can get it here

Choose tablet model in the first column and windows 8 in the right.

Windows 8 Ugly tiles

3. One of the shit things about windows 8 is the metro bar which would be tolerable if you could make your own images. Now you can with Obly Tile. What's cool about this is that it lets you make web links as well as programs and folder shortcuts.

I have made a start creating some custom tiles, feel free to add your own and make sure to add a polycount tile =D