Monday, 30 May 2011

How to create an interactive flash turnaround

I made this tutorial for a friend so that he could present his work. I thought I would release how to do it so other people can use it for their presentation work.

Here is a link showing the turntable working with a character in it. Though this one is more up to date and doesnt have the ugly scroller at the bottom. All you need to do is click and drag. I hope you find it useful

Tiki Panic is out

Play Tiki Panic!


Thursday, 26 May 2011

Tiki Panic HUD elements

Though time is up we seem to still be working on it. Here is the new HUD layout that we will be using. The font is called Earthquake MF.


10 Posts a month

So my current aim for 10 posts a month is not doing so well. I blame hand in but now its done I'm going to start putting up my work again. Mainly I am going to go through and finish all of the stuff I have started.

Work To finish
Metal Gear Level
 - Model Remaining Props
 -Texture all remaining Props
 -Texture Forklift With Bakes
 -Fully Integrate Codec

007 Environment
 -Model Remaining Props
 -Texture Remaining Props
 -Redo Lighting
 -Create Post Process
 -Convert to Unity

Tiki Panic
 -Rework non Stylized Textures
 -Bring in remaining Props
 -Improve Beach Area
 -Improve Modular Pieces
 -Add HUD

Assassins Creed Environment
 -Add Ivy
 -Add Wall texture to sides of building

Portfolio Pieces
 -Fix Stalactite texture
 -Make new solar panel model
 -Fix levels for art pieces

Kraft Project
 -Re optimise remaining props
 -Create Lower res textures
 -Bring into Unity


24 hour Environment Project

This project was to model, texture, light and bring into engine the studio room at the university in one day. I started this at 9 and finished at 8. Overall I was disapointed with the amount of work that I got done. I could of done more. I will attempt to finish this at some point and have added it to the long list of things to finish.
Arran Langmead

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Brains Eden Practice 1 'Tiki Panic'

Me and a few of my friends have entered into the brains Eden jam in Cambridge. In preparation  for this we are doing a few practice ones before we go. Our first game is called 'tiki panic' and it was made in 17 hours from scratch.

Arran Langmead

Monday, 9 May 2011

Gusto Games Render

I have had no time to work on this so they will probably not want me but here is wear I am at so far. Stupid Hand Ins.

Arran Langmead