Thursday, 26 May 2011

10 Posts a month

So my current aim for 10 posts a month is not doing so well. I blame hand in but now its done I'm going to start putting up my work again. Mainly I am going to go through and finish all of the stuff I have started.

Work To finish
Metal Gear Level
 - Model Remaining Props
 -Texture all remaining Props
 -Texture Forklift With Bakes
 -Fully Integrate Codec

007 Environment
 -Model Remaining Props
 -Texture Remaining Props
 -Redo Lighting
 -Create Post Process
 -Convert to Unity

Tiki Panic
 -Rework non Stylized Textures
 -Bring in remaining Props
 -Improve Beach Area
 -Improve Modular Pieces
 -Add HUD

Assassins Creed Environment
 -Add Ivy
 -Add Wall texture to sides of building

Portfolio Pieces
 -Fix Stalactite texture
 -Make new solar panel model
 -Fix levels for art pieces

Kraft Project
 -Re optimise remaining props
 -Create Lower res textures
 -Bring into Unity


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