Friday, 15 April 2011

Art Test for a game company 2 part 2

Ok so I have just done a total rework on the textures because I was being stupid with them. Now I have a 4 extra texture slots to use. I also fiddled with the cart to give it a bit of wear and tear and changed the lighting so its less intense.

Arran Langmead


  1. You fixed the yellow lighting! Looks better :)
    When you say you were being stupid with your textures do you mean you were unwrapping or using multi-sub object?

  2. Both. I could of optimised them better. Which I am going back and doing now. As Their are only 10 texture slots available for the art test you have to be really careful. Now the cart only goes on one texture sheet instead of three I also removed a few textures in the background and replaced them with a generic one. You can barely notice the difference.

  3. You might have to teach me a few tricks :P